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Testimonials about David’s business coaching

David was very helpful and insight during the coaching sessions and his feedback and summaries really helped me identify where I needed to go and what actions l had to take to achieve this.  He was empathic and very thoughtful in his questions which were open, astute and appropriately thought-provoking at times.

David was easy to talk to and built great rapport from the start, he made me feel very much at ease. His questioning has become more challenging and insightful, which has been very useful for me and his encouragement has been very beneficial in allowing me to move forward and take action on my goals.

I feel that I have benefitted from David’s coaching sessions enormously and have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. I have achieved all that I set out to whilst working with David and through the sessions, David has helped me to look at finding solutions in a simpler way.

David creates a safe environment for me  to define my goals, explore what was holding me back, find clarity in my reality, look at my options and then hold me accountable for doing those actions and yet leaving me feeling excited about the way forward.

I really appreciate the level of non-judgemental questions and observations. He is able to stretch me where appropriate, educate when relevant and help me find powerful strategies and tools to support my growth and empower me to set my intuition free. He really makes you feel that he is your advocate and that I can trust the process for powerful, tangible results.

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David has been a truly confidence-inspiring coach. He has managed to help me see that there is always a way forward to approach every challenge. He has proved an invaluable sounding board and guide. Highly recommended. You’ve been brilliant David